SOLICO - Solidarity after the Corona-Pandemy

A projekt supported by the programme Europe for Citizens 2014-2020

Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union
Co-funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union

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=> Podgorica /Montenegro - 20.09.2022 
=> Sarajevo / Bosnia & Herzegovina - 22.09.2022

Please notice: The final programmes will be published a.s.a.p.

Previous events:

=> Graz / Austria - 21.9.2021
=> Varaždin / Croatia - 10.03.2022
=> Maribor / Slovenia - 31.03.2022
=> Szombathely / Hungary - 08.06.2022

The SOLICO project is established around the tackling and management of the most severe crisis of European societies since WWII - the COVID-19 pandemy. European, national, regional and local solidarity became one of the most important factors during that time and the importance of volunteering and active participation in local societies are a crucial factor for maintaining services and supporting most vulnerable groups. In all European countries public administrations, civil society organisations as well as volunteers and citizens have gathered broad experiences (positive and negative) around the management of the pandemic development, about crisis management, management of volunteer support and solidarity on local level. With the SOLICO project these experiences and expertise on local level should be gathered, discussed and treasured as good practices for future crisis management and solidarity actions. During a series of workshops in all partner countries representatives of local and regional authorities civil society organisations and citizens will share their experiences and practices for all three phases of pandemy management, good practice collections will be deducted and discussed on European level during a final conference which will ensure a sustainable impact of the results beyond the partner organisations. A comprehensive dissemination, exploitation and multiplication strategy will be applied to allow participation and broad impact so that besides all negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemy on all European societies, there can at least be learning effects and good practices for future similar situations. The partnership of the project consists of 11 well known and powerful local public administrations, regional authorities, civil society organisations as well as federations and networks of local municipalities who are all willing to share their experiences, learn from each other and support mutual solidarity as crucial concept for crisis management.

Eleven project partners from nine countries:

  • AT - Land Steiermark (Lead-Partner)
  • AT - Verein AUXILIUM
  • BA - SERDA - Sarajevo regional development agency / Sarajevska regionalna razvojna agencija
  • HR - Alps-Adriatic Association for international Co-operation
  • HR - Varaždin county
  • HU - Vas county
  • ME - Zentrum für Bürger-Bildung / Centre for Civic Education - Centar za građansko obrazovanje
  • NMK - ZELS - Verband der lokalen Selbstverwaltungs-Einheiten / Заедница на единиците на локална самоуправа / Association of the units of local self-government
  • SI - Verband der Gemeinden Sloweniens / Škupnost Obcin Slovenije
  • SR - Autonomous Province of Vojvodina
  • XK - Municipality of Rahovec

Start Date: 01-05-2021
End Date: 30-04-2023
Total Budget: € 156.240.-
Ausschreibungsjahr im Programm "Europa für Bürgerinnen und Bürger": 2020
Aktivity: Strand 2 - Democratic engagement and civic participation
Sub-Activity: Networks of towns


Johannes Steinbach, Tel. +43 316 877-4214

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