Welcome to 3rd AER Communication Atelier

Livestream 11.2.2010 - 14:00

Click here to start LIVESTREAM and ONLINE-CHAT
Click here to start LIVESTREAM and ONLINE-CHAT

Transmission: Thursday, February 11th, 14:00 - 16:00

ATTENTION: You need a  Windows Media Player plugin to watch the stream in your Internet browser or try to open in external application  mms://proxitv12.speednet.at/stmk_vision

The keynote speakers

The moderator

  • Richard MEDIĆ, European Media and Communications Expert (former AER Spokesman) 

The topic 

European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) has been put in place by the new Lisbon Treaty. Questions such as

  • How will the ECI work in practice?
  • How can regions contribute to it and communicate it to their citizens?
  • Will the ECI help to make Europe more transparent and democratic?

will be addressed.

More information


This "3rd AER Communication Atelier" allows to promote the Land Steiermark as a winner of the  AER Communicating Europe Award 2009. The project "We go Europe" / " Wir sind Europa" won the category 1: Communicating European Parliament Elections. The jury felt that "the project combined a creative use of language with captivating and challenging topics. A good mix of interactive and informative activities was reached making use of new media tools such as live chat and web streaming. The clear overarching idea and its creative implementation convinced the Jury to honor this project."

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