CoRAI Automotive Intergroup

CoRAI - Committee of the Regions - Automotive Intergroup


CoRAI Automotive Intergroup

is an interregional group of members and alternate members of the European Committee of the Regions providing opportunities to discuss, exchange views and increase expertise on the "Future of the Automotive Industry" in order to promote cooperation between local and regional authorities.

CoRAI  is a platform for informal discussion bringing together members from different parties, committees and member states being interested in future developments of the automotive sector. It was set up and is working successfully since 2009.

The objectives of the interregional group are the following ones:

To exchange experiences among the territories about different issues concerning the automotive sector and the future of mobility (e.g. automated driving, sustainable transport fuels, skills, industrial policy, infrastructure, development of regions with automotive or supply industry)
To contact and exchange views and best practices with the European Institutions and other stakeholders;
To foster the contacts among automotive and mobility clusters, regions and cities.

Documents and Presentations

Coming up:

30 Nov. / 1 Dec. CoRAI Meeting on Skills Alliance

29.06.2021 Meeting on Autmotive Skills Alliance

Presentation of CLEPA >>>

19.05.2021 CoRAI Meeting

FUELLING CLIMATE CHANGE?" | Automotive Regions Taking Up The Sustainability Challenge

Externe Verknüpfung Key Message Videos of the Speakers >>>

Video Key Messages CoRAI President Drexler >>> 
Video Key Messages CoRAI President Drexler >>>

Externe Verknüpfung Green Transformation Summit | Automotive Regions - crucial to success!

Replay our Virtual Meeting on 14 October 2020

Externe Verknüpfung 1st CoRAI Summit on the Future of Autonomous Mobility
Externe Verknüpfung 1st CoRAI Summit - Projects documents and presentations
Externe Verknüpfung 1st CoRAI Summit - Exhibition (Pdf)
Externe Verknüpfung 1st CoRAI Summit - Speakers (Pdf)

Externe Verknüpfung CoRAI Meeting 2019 Invitation
Externe Verknüpfung Presentation AVL_Mr Tomaschitz
Externe Verknüpfung Presentation CLEPA_Mrs De Vries

Externe Verknüpfung Presentation BMW Group
Externe Verknüpfung Erik Jonnaert (ACEA) - COR Brexit 6 December_V5
Externe Verknüpfung CoRAI Invitation
Externe Verknüpfung CoRAI Meeting Speakers CVs
Externe Verknüpfung What does Brexit mean for automotive regions?

CoRAI website during former presidency up to July 2018:


Christopher Drexler - President
Claudia Suppan - Intergroup Coordinator

Steiermark-Office in Brussels, +32 2 73 20 361  Externe Verknüpfung

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